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Giovanni Kean: ‘Moise will sign Juventus contract’

November 25, 2016

Moise Kean’s brother has confirmed his brother has reached an agreement to sign his first professional contract at Juventus.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Giovanni Kean revealed the hardships his family endured and his future hopes and dreams for his younger brother Moise.

Giovanni was in tears for Moises’ debut against Pescara and recounted his emotions on the day.

“I started [crying] after the first goal. Indeed, it was the day before he took to the field. Against Pescara it was an incredible feeling: the dream of every child realised by my little brother.

“But they were tears of liberation after all we’ve been through.

“Moise saw things a child should never see. It was not an easy childhood: Our father left us for another family. For years he was absent, a call every four months, and no affection when we needed it.

“You cannot do this, you can separate, but the children remain and are not just playthings. My mother’s a nurse and bent over backwards to ensure we did not miss out on anything.

“Moise has suffered during afternoons spent alone, but football has helped him. Ciccio Grabbi, the former Juve striker and youth Coach is his godfather. He has taken him on holiday with his family to escape a bit.

“There’s no question that our father wishes us well, but it’s too easy to want to re-establish a relationship now only because his son is becoming a major player. And maybe it’s because he earns so much money.

“Our mother? She follows Moise everywhere, her interest in his education is so severe. It shows in the way her son has the respect of everyone, from a warehouse worker up to the Coach.

“These teachings, combined with the difficulties of childhood, made him did grow: he is a child, but inside he has a lot more than 16 years.”

What is Moise like as a person?

“He’s cheerful, sunny and from an early age he had a fixation, he put music videos on and he began to dance.

“He likes hip hop and rap. When he gets back here in Asti, we go with friends to the streets and he’s away with the music.

“As a child he loved the somersaults of [Obafemi] Martins at Inter. Then our uncle, who is a huge AC Milan, gave him a bit of allegiance to the Rossoneri. But obviously, now there is only Juve.”

Which famous players does Moise remind him of?

“He’s an interesting mix. A bit panther-like, similar to Henry. But then he has a grittiness that reminds me of Tevez, it is the fierce desire to be in possession of the ball. If he has a chance, he goes after it everywhere to snatch it. In front of goal, however, he is cold like Mario. ”

“History is full of people who have had talent at age 16, but it’s gone by the 18. That’s why Moise knows he has not done anything yet.

“He must work with intensity, seriousness and humility. If he behaves well, I hope that it will help to remove racism and fear. That will convince people to cheer him on, he is 200% Italian.

“Balotelli is his idol, but I assure you that on the pitch they are different: Moise sacrifices, he is generous because Juve taught this to him.

“They did it to make him become a beast and forged in the mind is the fact he is at the right club who will make him explode.

“The Juve fans can rest assured that [agent Mino] Raiola does not want to take him away. Indeed, if he had wanted to, he would have already done so.

“Maybe at the beginning Juve had not realised how strong he was. Then he only asked for a fair deal. It was found, and shortly he will sign the contract.”


“Moise took advantage of the absence [of Pjaca and Dybala], but I do not know if he will remain in the first team, it depends on his commitment.

“But do not look at his age, since childhood he is used to playing with older children. Rather, he needs to raise the bar, to be put under scrutiny with the strongest.

“Maybe he will go back with the youth team, but he’s fine with the senior players. He has big laughs with Sturaro and he loves Dybala and Pjaca.”

Finally, Giovanni was asked where he’d like to see his brother in five years?

“At Juve: a number nine like Higuain. And also happy and proud in an Azzurri shirt.”

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