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Gravina: ‘Juventus are an example’

March 29, 2020

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina called Juventus players “an example” after the team and staff agreed to a pay cut that could save the club close to €90m.

Juve confirmed the decision yesterday in a statement on the clubs official site, suggesting they will make significant savings thanks to the sacrifices from their players.

“The agreement reached by Juventus is an example for the whole system,” Gravina told ANSA.

“I thank Giorgio Chiellini, his teammates and Maurizio Sarri because, in wake of the collaboration that the FIGC hopes to have in days, they placed general interests at the heart of their conversations with the club.

“Unity and solidarity in the world of football represent the first great response to the emergency we’re experiencing, and that risks becoming even more serious if we don’t resume playing soon.

“Only through the contribution of all the protagonists, each of them playing their part, will we make football stronger.”

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