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Gravina: ‘We will do everything to finish the season’

March 26, 2020

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina says the football federation “will do everything possible to complete tournaments”, including playing into July and August.

The 2019/20 season has come to halt due to the spread of the Coronavirus across Italy and Europe, resulting in a postponement to Serie A.

Speaking to Radio Marte, FIGC head Gravina reiterated his desire to complete the campaign, even if it doesn’t resume until June.

“As long as I have the chance, I will keep hope of restarting the championships,” Gravina told the radio station.

“I will make every attempt to reach this definition. I am aware that it is premature to think of a date, but we must be optimistic. We will try to do our best to play, even at the cost of asking for the support of UEFA and FIFA and going beyond June 30, also taking advantage of July and August “.

A meeting between the League and FIGC is scheduled for Wednesday 26 March.

“At this moment there is no room for the interests of the individual,” Gravina continued, “I appeal to common sense, so in the end it is the Federation that will have to decide.

“We will work on a series of proposals concerning some amendments to be evaluated by the government, but there are many issues of relevance.

“We do not want to ask for money, but we are denouncing a state of crisis. We ask to help us with a series of rules that can give a modern development to our football.

“We will see you tomorrow, then we will meet again next week for a permanent and constant working table, bringing together indispensable ideas to form projects.”

Assigning the title without playing the remaining games has been an idea touted by some.

“I consider it a defeat of mine and of the value of the competition. An unpleasant scenario would open up. I stubbornly renounce reflections that lead to such a conclusion. As long as possible, I will continue to reject these hypotheses. “

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