Cristiano Giuntoli was enlisted by Juventus with the mission of revitalising the club, elevating its strength beyond its previous state. Having previously excelled as the director of Napoli, Giuntoli arrived at Juventus enriched with a wealth of experience, after securing the Serie A title for the Napoli team.

While Juventus is already positioned among the elite clubs in the nation, Giuntoli’s arrival was anticipated to grant him access to greater financial resources compared to his tenure at Napoli. Nonetheless, the anticipated financial transformation has not materialised as envisaged. Instead, the director has adeptly guided the club in prudent financial management.

This season, Juventus faces the absence of Champions League earnings, necessitating the exploration of alternative revenue streams. In this context, reports from Calciomercato unveil Giuntoli’s remarkable contribution to cost savings, accounting for a minimum of 70 million euros through shrewd player transfers and the judicious curbing of wage expenses.

Evidencing his efficacy, Giuntoli has already overseen a shift in the team’s composition, reducing the average age from 27 to 25 years. This attests to his strategic influence in fostering a younger and potentially more dynamic squad.

Juve FC Says

Giuntoli did not come to the club when everything was perfect, yet he has managed to do an amazing job in the last few weeks.

He has a long contract with us and we can be confident that in the end, he will do well and make us the top side in Serie A again.