At the beginning of this year, there was widespread anticipation that Alessandro Del Piero might make a return to Juventus in a non-playing role, with many fans hoping to see him take up the position vacated by Pavel Nedved. Nedved, a beloved former player, had held a prominent position in the previous board, leading supporters to expect another ex-player in the current setup, and Del Piero was their preferred choice.

However, despite the hopes and expectations, the former striker was not offered the position, and he remains unconnected to the Black and Whites.

Recent news has emerged that Del Piero has enrolled in a prestigious UEFA coaching course, a move that strongly indicates his interest in pursuing a career in coaching. While he currently holds a contract with Sky Sports as one of their top pundits, it appears that he is now actively exploring the coaching path. Prominent journalist Giancarlo Padovan suggests that Del Piero has come to terms with the fact that Juventus is unlikely to extend an offer to him for a role within the club.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“I believe that Del Piero has understood well and definitively that his move to Juventus, always opposed by Andrea Agnelli, is not possible even with Elkann and president Ferrero . Less than a year ago, when the capital gains case broke out and the Juventus board of directors was swept away like a twig, the major newspapers announced that Del Piero’s return would be imminent. It’s a shame that – I know this for sure – no one has ever made even a survey phone call to him.

“Therefore, now that the head of the sports area ( Cristiano Giuntoli ) has arrived and is working, Del Piero has no choice but to become coach. Not to do it at Juve, of course, but to demonstrate that he has a cultural relationship with the subject: he wants to know everything, even what some “colleagues” have never told him.”

Juve FC Says

Del Piero is one of our beloved former players, but we back the board to make the right calls and install the best people into all the positions at the club.