Juventus boasts a storied history replete with a multitude of exceptional, world-class players—a roster too extensive to fully acknowledge, each of them having illuminated the field with their brilliance and consistent performances. However, within this legacy, there are instances where players, though hailed by a faction of the Juve faithful, have fallen short of the lofty expectations set before them.

Among these figures, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba immediately come to mind—undeniably world-class talents who were entrusted with monumental tasks. Ronaldo was specifically entrusted with securing the elusive Champions League trophy for the club, an objective he regrettably could not fulfil. Meanwhile, Pogba’s return to Juventus has, by many accounts, been marred by disappointment.

Curiously, any articles or discussions that cast even a faint shadow of critique upon these players and their “supporters” often trigger passionate responses from their ardent defenders. This pattern appears to be manifesting again with the emergence of Dusan Vlahovic.

To be transparent, I’ve not been a proponent of the Serbian forward. From my perspective, he has come up short and failed to meet the lofty expectations that were set for him. Vlahovic’s record of 21 goals in all competitions since his arrival hardly qualifies as prolific, and he has shown a lack of involvement in terms of assists and chance creation. His presence often fades into obscurity during matches, a deficiency unacceptable for a club of Juventus’ stature.

Some may argue that Max Allegri’s tactical choices or the lacklustre performances of his teammates have hindered Vlahovic’s success. However, a truly world-class striker is expected to deliver consistently regardless of the circumstances. A compelling example is Harry Kane, who, despite Tottenham’s struggles, managed to tally over 30 goals last season. This exemplifies the essence of a world-class striker—they surmount adversity and deliver when it matters most.

In my estimation, Vlahovic is a good player, but Juventus requires more than that. Regrettably, I am apprehensive that he might not be the player the club truly needs. Expressing this viewpoint is likely to trigger backlash and accusations of bias or incompetence, a phenomenon that underscores blind allegiance to certain players.

This unwavering devotion, no matter the player’s form or contributions, can be likened to a cult-like following—a dogged commitment to unwavering support, even in the face of underperformance and legitimate criticism. However, my allegiance lies with what I believe is in the best interest of Juventus, and in my humble judgment, Vlahovic does not align with those interests.

That said, I would love nothing more than to be completely wrong and would be more than happy if Vlahovic proves me wrong and delivers for the club, I just do not see that happening.