Paulo Dybala has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo always wants to win, even in training.

The Portuguese star has come under criticism recently after failing to celebrate the team’s win over Genoa because he didn’t score.

The former Manchester United man is one of the game’s best scorers and always wants to be on the score sheet.

Juve signed him because they wanted to end their wait to win the Champions League trophy.

They haven’t won it, but Ronaldo has continued to score his share of the needed goals.

Dybala was speaking about his world-class teammate recently and says he and the attacker have a good relationship and they train together all the time.

He says Ronaldo is obsessed with winning and is never happy when he doesn’t win, even in training.

He also reveals how close both of them are to reaching the 100-goals mark for Juventus.

“We are both close to scoring 100 goals with Juventus. I am missing one, he is missing three. He always wants to win, even in training and when he loses he becomes intractable for a few minutes,” La Joya said, according to via Football Italia.

“We train together, and we practice free-kicks. I take the ones on the right, he takes the ones on the left. He is totally obsessed. He always wants to win, always.

“There have been rumours about Messi’s possible move to Juventus, but we knew it would have been difficult, and it’s difficult to pick one between him and Cristiano.”