Dejan Kulusevski was given another chance to prove he deserves to stay at Juventus against Sampdoria last night and he failed to take it.

The Swede has become the source of frustration to the Bianconeri who believe he is talented enough to be in their squad.

However, the attacker has continued to struggle when given chances.

He played in the 4-1 win against Sampdoria last night with fans hoping he would deliver an impressive performance.

That never happened, and he has given Max Allegri more reasons not to trust him.

The Italian media outlet, Il Bianconero watched him struggle to perform in the match and rated him 5.5/10 with the accompanying statement:

“An evening with great expectations, then a night of some disappointments. He was free to play as a second striker: he didn’t invent, he didn’t kick, he did very little.”

Juve FC Says

Kulusevski was one of our reliable attackers last season and it is hard to explain why he has struggled in this campaign.

It is easy to think that Allegri’s tactics have a role to play in his slump in form, but every good player knows how to adapt to different managers.

At 21, Kulusevski still has much of his career ahead of him and he can still become a top player for us.

However, he needs to start delivering now or the club would understandably sell him.