George Weah has praised Cristiano Ronaldo for working hard to earn everything he has made in football.

The former World Footballer of the Year, who is now the president of Liberia, knows what it takes to come from nothing into superstardom.

He was born in Liberia but worked his way into playing for the likes of AC Milan and Chelsea in Europe before he retired from the game.

He was speaking about the Italian league where he spent five successful years playing for AC Milan and praised Ronaldo.

He said that Ronaldo’s career shows that combining hard work and passion will bring success to anyone.

To him, Ronaldo wasn’t born the best footballer in the world, but the former Manchester United man has worked hard to become one of the best on the planet.

He then praised his humility despite all he has achieved since the start of his career.

He told La Gazzetta dello Sport via Football Italia: “Ronaldo is also testimony to how combining hard work and passion can bring unexpected results. He is not the best in the world, but he trained so much to become the best. I am a fan of Ronaldo because he remained humble and he earned everything he achieved. He fought to get where he is now.”