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“He is a decent, serious boy” Ex-teammate insists Dybala deserves a new deal

December 30, 2021 - 10:00 pm

Stefano Sorrentino was a teammate of Paulo Dybala at Palermo and thinks highly of the Juventus attacker.

Dybala has been in talks with the club over a new deal for some time, but progress hasn’t been as swift as some fans would want.

While the club and player want to continue their relationship, Dybala’s recent fitness record has raised some questions over the decision.

Sorrentino believes he deserves a new deal and says Juve trusted him enough to hand him their number 10 shirt.

The Argentinian is also a future captain of the club and he believes it shows how much the Bianconeri values him.

Sorrentino tells La Gazzetta delo Sport via Il Bianconero: “He deserves this contract renewal! Juventus only gives the number 10 jersey to a certain type of players, such as Platini and Del Piero before him. Not to mention the armband when he is captain. I have always been struck by Dybala’s deep intelligence and human values. 

“He is a decent, serious boy, attached to family. During the Serie B season he gave up his holidays to take care of himself well from an injury, an attitude he continues to have today.The champion starts off the pitch, well before putting the ball at the crossroads. He was good at maturing in character.On the other hand, he would never have reached certain goals.”

Juve FC Says

Dybala is undeniably talented and still has a lot to contribute to Juventus, but his fitness leaves a lot more to be desired.

Juve has too many injury-prone players and banking on them to help the club achieve its aim is one reason we are struggling in this campaign.

Some reports claim the attacker and the club have already agreed on a five-year deal.

If that isn’t true, giving him a three-year deal might be a smarter idea and we can give him another contract if he is still active after then.

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