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“He plays for himself not for the team” Former Juventus man aims dig at Ronaldo

August 13, 2021 - 12:40 pm

Former Juventus midfielder Domenico Marocchino has discussed the club’s attacking options and aimed a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo, who he claims plays for himself.

Ronaldo scored the most goals in Serie A last season yet Juventus nearly finished outside the top four.

The Portugal captain is an accomplished goalscorer and he has continued to bang in the goals for Juventus since he joined them in 2018.

The Bianconeri has just the on loan Alvaro Morata as their natural striker, but the Atletico Madrid man provides more assists for Ronaldo than the other way round.

Marocchino says Juventus lacks the presence of a classic number nine, which he insists Ronaldo isn’t.

He claims the former Manchester United man plays for himself when he is on the pitch instead of for the team.

He then uses Atalanta as an example of a team that is benefiting from every player contributing to the goals and playing for the team.

He told TMW Radio as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb: “Juventus does not have the classic striker. Ronaldo is not, he plays for himself not for the team. 

“The zone defense then allowed many players to play for a long time, even over 30 years. 

“Previously there was talk of a great season when a striker scored 16 goals. It is no coincidence that the performance of Atalanta who play almost for men has grown exponentially in recent years.”

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  • Avatar
    Martinn August 13, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    Absolutely correct The goals he gets are nothing to do with the team he just wants the ball at all times. The sacrifices made to make him look Good have destroyed our goal difference reputation and fan base, because if you rely on someone who’s not interested we get the results we are getting.let’s hope Mendes was getting him to pgs this season yesterday with the meeting. He’s going to be extra butthur that they had the . Money for him. But chose messi instead and we will pay the price as . Usual.

    • Avatar
      Joe August 13, 2021 at 6:33 pm

      He is only doing his job which is scoring goals, he can’t be attacking constructing and defending at the same time! Juve must up the team with good defender and midfielder, the overall result will improve.

    • Avatar
      Ridge August 13, 2021 at 10:22 pm

      Shut up, Without Ronaldo Juventus would have ended much lower, Theres nobody els on our team that can do what he does

  • Avatar
    ANDREW FARRUGIA August 13, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    Absolute nonsense. Can Marocchino explain WHEN CR7 started to play for himself ? A player who plays for himself does not win trophies galore like CR 7 has done and is still doing year after year. Check what CR 7 has won in his career, Domenico! Incredible that a former player should come out with such nonsense!

    • Avatar
      Mike August 13, 2021 at 4:41 pm

      Not nonsense it is fact another example is Messi compare his gameplay to that of Ronaldo you will see it is different it is very very obvious when he his still in Real-madrid everyone works for him but take a look at Messi he even passed a penalty to squarez that’s teamwork. It’s so simple to understand

    • Avatar
      Joseph August 13, 2021 at 8:33 pm

      U are saying this out of hatred you don’t no wat u are saying,or let me say you don’t no how to watch ball ,if not you won’t say such thing for great player like CR7

  • Avatar
    ANDREW FARRUGIA August 13, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Classic striker, says Marocchino. Does he mean an INZAGHI, TREZEGUET or LUKAKU? Of course, that is true but so what? Pep Guardiola’s Barca won everything with a falso nuevo – MESSI, and even his CITY team recently played without a classic striker and got results such as winning the Prem and reaching the Champs final. There are many ways of winning. Liverpool won the Champions league and the prem without a CLASSIC striker. They ad FIRMINO in that position and two goalscoring ARROWS in Mane and SALAH.

    • Avatar
      Peter August 14, 2021 at 5:52 am

      Very true

    • Avatar
      Edward August 14, 2021 at 10:30 am

      Ronaldo is legend. It does’nt make a difference he is playing for a team or himself. Love the Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Avatar
    Amirfikri August 13, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Lol 5 champions league 5 ballon dor

  • Avatar
    Benjamin August 13, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Do you know he has the 3rd most assist in history?please get your facts right… not even iniesta or xavi has his number of assist.263

  • Avatar
    Cesare August 13, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    I’ve always said that he only care about hi
    M self he is a not a team player and i don’t care if he leaves

  • Avatar
    Ronaldo unofficial August 13, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    Nonsense if you shooting arrows shoot it at messi for the past years none of you have realized that messi is lazy at defending only scores because of dribbling through defenders and uses other players to assist him to score nothing special about that but ronaldo however has a very greedy eye for goal scores world class headers has perfect long shots and finishing but messi gets assisted inside the box then scores so who’s the real team player the one who’s ask other players to score inside the box or the one who outrun defenders overpowers the gk and then scores????

    • Avatar
      Samuel kenya August 14, 2021 at 2:43 pm


    • Avatar
      James Bond August 15, 2021 at 2:03 am

      Calma amigo…. somehow Messi lives rent-free in your head. This article is about a former Juve player, offering an opinion on Ronaldo. Is he right? it doesn’t matter, it’s his opinion.

  • Avatar
    Caleb August 13, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    He basically did his part of the job…. And if the other players do the same and defend well and the midfield do their job and the keeper too the would have done better

  • Avatar
    Donald August 13, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    Says a guy who was never a classic midfielder

    • Avatar
      AIMO August 15, 2021 at 9:34 am

      Yes, I tot as much… I don’t know why retired players just like to comment or give opinion on this century footballers as if they are the part of the sporting crew on the pitch.

  • Avatar
    CHE YA BIN CHE MAN August 14, 2021 at 12:27 am


  • Avatar
    Kumbirai Siduna August 14, 2021 at 3:02 am

    You mean the goals he scores do not count for the team?

  • Avatar
    Vinay Rahul August 14, 2021 at 3:27 am

    I think Domenico is a fool. He will only tell this big blunder. Ronaldo plays for himself because none of the players gives assist to him than morata. He tries to give assist to every players but they fail to convert it to a goal. Ronaldo is not the old one in real. juventus is not the club for ronaldo. He must go to real

  • Avatar
    Thami August 14, 2021 at 5:06 am

    True, Ronaldo should go play tennis and not football.

  • Avatar
    Nosagie Otoadese August 14, 2021 at 9:09 am

    Marocchino is talking rubbish, cristiano is a goal scorer, in every given game he does his job, regardless of pirlo’s clueless tactics, its left for the rest of the team to do their’s and everyone will be happy

  • Avatar
    Gregg August 14, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Absolute Nonsense, He’s analysis is baseless and filled with envy. Cr7 has done so much in his career whereby every club he plays for showers him several accolades of performance. Juve should provide necessary players to assist cr7 if they really want trophies before his departure.

  • Avatar
    Zich August 14, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Absolute truth… Argue with your ancestors

  • Avatar
    Joshua Oyoo August 14, 2021 at 11:16 am

    Haters will always be haters. So what if CR7 has a winning mentality. That doesnt mean he is playing for himself. So you dont see the contributions he makes in the team. A player of your caliber you shouldnt even say such stuff. When Messi was chosing players to be signed in barca why dint you comment on that. Leave our CR7 alone he is the best player ever. What have you won?

    • Avatar
      Khalid Jibril August 15, 2021 at 1:15 pm

      You are a smart and great guy Joshua . You know that. You’ve just completed my own comment about this stupid thing. And have said everything all. Why couldn’t he have criticized Messi too on this part. Absolute Nonsense!!! . Somebody cannot play on a high level again. If you are good. Does it not automatically make the team great/good. If you have a Good leader. Wouldn’t the followers too be Great. Such blasphemy, outrageous comments is what he is fueling. I know he is a professional footballer. ASK HIM. WHAT DID HE MAKE OF IN HIS LIFE.
      Was watching a National Geographic documentary film. The show is HOSTILE PLANET S1 E6. And stumbled on those words in quotes.
      “SUCCESS often sometimes come out at a HUGE COST. you can at the end of it all be Badly injured”.
      Relate this thing to Ronaldo. Do you know what he is been through. Doing the same almost like over 13 years.

  • Avatar
    JuveFella August 14, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    Absolutely true!
    Here’s som facts, not feelings, not what I think, just facts…
    Before Ronaldo arrived in the summer of 2018 JUVE was:
    1) Absolutte rulers of Italy -4 straight back to back doubles.
    2) A powerhouse in Europe -only going out to other poeerhouses Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayern Münich
    3) Easily (as a team) scoring well over 100 goals season after season
    4) On Forbes Top 10 list of Most Valuable Clubs

    Now (after 3 seasons with Ronaldo) JUVE:
    1) Juve wins no longer any doubles & struggles just to qualify for CL…
    2) A joke in Europe -going out to clubs like Ajax, Porto & Lyon, and can no longer get past the round of 16 in CL…
    3) Struggles (as a team) juat to make 90 goals a season…
    4) Has crashed out of Forbes Top 10 list for Most Valuable Clubs….
    = JUVE has deteriorated in every way, since Ronaldo arrived…

    #ronaldo out

    • Avatar
      Patrick Hale August 14, 2021 at 7:31 pm

      You’re talking like a fool. After saying all this nonsense, ask yourself is the Juventus of before and after Ronaldo came the same? The Players are they same? Before Juventus had Pogba, Vidal, Pirlo, Prime Madzukic, Prime Buffon, Prime Chielleni, Prime Bonucci, Barzagli, and other notable mentions. Now look at the current Juventus, mention one world player apart from Ronaldo and don’t say Dybala he wasn’t consistent

  • Avatar
    Matara August 14, 2021 at 12:46 pm

    That’s nonsense, it doesn’t make sense at all, Cristiano is a great player no matter your stupid assumptions, he won trophies for both Manchester United and real Madrid, the problem is not Cristiano but the team set up. I thought as a former player you can speak guts but ???????

  • Avatar
    Fizz August 14, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    What does that Domenico or Domestic achieved as a player n he has the guts to criticize A Living LEGEND?
    Irrelevant fool

  • Avatar
    Elvo August 14, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    This is about Ronaldo, why bringing Messi in this?

  • Avatar
    Muia August 14, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Ronaldo is an all time goals scorer and that’s his job on the pitch. Marocchino did you want Cr7 to score goals, cover your part as midfielder, defend and catch the ball from getting into the back of Juve’s net???

  • Avatar
    Emmanuel August 14, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    If Ronaldo is scoring and leading Serie A goals chat; is it his goals that made them concede so many goals that they cannot matched they ought to be winning or the old and tired defenders who are letting in the goals and allowing draws and losses?
    Every time Juve plays they concede and draw or lose matches. Is Ronalado a defender that concedes goals all the time. If he wasn’t scoring goals to help the team it would have been a different case.
    Replace your old devenders and batter midfielders and see Juve at the top again with Ronaldo goals period.

  • Avatar
    Mr.B August 15, 2021 at 3:56 am

    Let’s not forget who destroyed Juve in Champions League…hmmm..Yes CR7. Honestly did anyone even watch Serie A for the last decade up until Cristiano arrived. The guy changed the ratings overnight, you should be thankful , but all you can do is bash him for Juve’s recent shortcomings. Look who was appointed as manager after the great Allegri, 2 half assed managers who couldn’t sort out a team if they tried. Yeah Juve won back to back
    because it was a farmer’s league.
    So please get the facts right and don’t blame it on CR7 being selfish ,who else is going score if he doesn’t. Pffft we don’t even have a decent goalie…

  • Avatar
    Khalid Jibril August 15, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    The Domenico…, Your just talking nonsense, you are likely a hater probably. If Ronaldo’s playing for himself helps the team, which greatly it does, of course why not let him be. He is technically gifted. A person of over 750 goals through out his life time, and not even being a standard no 9 all of his life. Look, in a nutshell, Everything that has advantages must also have disadvantages, there’s nothing that do have advantages that does not have disadvantages how you determine both of these presences in him(CR7) or in anything is by measure. Mr Marocchino, REALLY YOU SHOULD BE JEALOUS, your stats previously shows you were a former midfielder, could you even match Ronaldo’s stats not as a goalscorer but in a midfielder fashion??? C’mon man give Ronaldo a break, Stop try’n to spoil the Good man profile all over the internet mehn, you know. It is not easy. The guy’s got a Good heart. you would agree, You can’t begin to start by admitting that Cristiano’s degrees of Advantages are far more higher, superior greater unbelievable mind trembling than none and if you Domenico are sincere could comprehend it against his disadvantages. He jumps higher than basketball players, sprints with blistering speeds, Shots all around the place, both feets at thundering bolt speeds and powerful. I don’t see anyone who is that more capable enough to perform at that such audacious level. And plus the teams really happy, they are greatly happy. To have that someone who could be able to make others life easy. C’mon give him the credit. Do you know how many battles, he’s fighting????. He’s fighting not only on the pitch but off it. Emotionally, physically, socially, family, his health. Loads of criteria’s man. He is so desperate of winning. What you should say Domenico, is how the board, team and coach could manage those small observations, and yes I say they are small levels of selfishness and wanting more of the ball to himself. This literally happens because over time you grow in a game. And your mentality wants to challenge, look for more strategies and give the everybest you got. THATS PLAYING FOR YOUR TEAM. teaching them, showing them truly another mysterious side of football than the normal traditional norms of the game. What it really means to do it. So Marocchinooo, He’s flaws can be overlooked, managed and worked on. Honestly. And for the record you are not him. Had you been him you’d know what it feels like, the pressure, the. Criticisms, the psychology, always fighting with it. Riggling your way around the options, telling ya YES OR NO. The TEAM has the ULTIMATE BATTLE WEAPON and that is Ronaldo. So the team become formidable in a humanly aspect. And the team help him to help them and the team get too for themselves. Ronaldo is just like a BONUS WEAPON in a Team. He’s like a *5 you know it multiplies. That’s why he’s gonna get you two, three goals and give the team lift. He lift the team so the team finish off everything. Had you played video games before Mr Man you would understand what the word bonuses are. I know you are a professional superstar footballer. But I’m sure if you ever once played with Ronaldo in your life. You would appreciate the person he is just like whomever played next to him would say. Ronaldo is active 80% than 20% isn’t it a Good record. When he’s not in it. The team will step in, infact the team has always been in charge of the game proceedings. So Domenico. Ronaldo playing for himself and not the “team” is no matter of concern. That is simple and attitude, personality that is an added power, topic, symbol or Logo that represents producing the Best in everything all rounds as high as possible. And gives further education to a team that may or not have ever been discovered. HATERS! HATERS! HATERS!. Before u speak of things, analyse. Don’t just only take out a factor or consider on the pixel, look at the full picture. Take everything into consideration as best as you can. And plus age is no longer on his Side no more. Had Ronaldo given Juventus 1 out of the last 7 years he spent at Real Madrid. Are you saying he would not have got them Even a champions league????. Maybe if he did that you wouldn’t be saying this kind of thing. You would be speaking differently, be saying how BEST is RONALDO IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Just Shut Up!!! If you have nothing Good to say. Cristiano RONALDO did not just train himself to being the “accomplished goalscorer” as you are also mocking/ridiculing him with. You think I don’t know what it really is exactly by that which you implied again when you mentioned this autracious text if it’s what you think or you’ve forgotten Soo soon who he was. He did what other strikers better were supposed to do during their lifetime, and he’s part of a best many in the league of Greatest champions. Three UCL straight trophies. I’m not sure of many that could ever get to this if not but a miracle.

  • Avatar
    Stephen August 15, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    My friend leave cr7 alone if you talk about football ronaldo is the best no human being in earth reach his level in football so your so much luck to see him in the field of play go and give testimony that you still alive to whiteness him play

  • Avatar
    Abbandada August 15, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    Rubbish I think he don’t know that cr7is the third most assists player of all time

  • Avatar
    Timmy August 16, 2021 at 6:58 am

    The only reason juve is a flop now is because other series A teams got better players and now they can stand toe to toe with Juventus, it’s got nothing to do with cr7, man is playing his best, juve just lacks the good players to help him. He’s a striker and he does his job by scoring goals, you shouldn’t blame his for their defensive errors or midfield errors