A date has been set for the hearing of the legal case between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, following the Portuguese attacker’s decision to take legal action against the club in an attempt to recover his outstanding payment of 20 million euros.

Ronaldo had initially agreed to defer some of his salary during the COVID-19 pandemic, a step taken by many Juventus players. However, he did not sign an agreement that would legally bind the club to pay him at a later date. Additionally, before his move to Manchester United, Ronaldo signed off on the statement that Juventus did not owe him any money.

Now, Ronaldo is seeking to collect the 20 million euros he believes he is owed, while Juventus argues that there is no legal obligation to pay him because he did not sign such an agreement.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, as reported by Football Italia, the new hearing date is scheduled for October 4th. Both Ronaldo and Juventus appear confident in their positions, setting the stage for an intriguing legal battle. The outcome of the hearing will be closely watched by football fans and legal observers alike.

Juve FC Says

Ronaldo’s biggest mistake was not signing the document; he certainly should no longer be working with whoever gave him such advice.

The Portugal star will likely lose this case because we expect Juve to hire the best lawyer to defend itself and the case must be sorted as soon as possible so that everyone can move on.