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Higuain: “At Juve I almost ended up as a central midfielder”

June 15, 2021 - 9:00 pm

Between 2013 and 2018, Gonzalo Higuain terrorized Serie A defenses whilst playing for Napoli and Juventus.

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival to Turin, the Argentine had to go on some unsuccessful loan spells at Milan and Chelsea, before returning for one final season with the Bianconeri.

El Pipita eventually embarked on a new adventure in the United States, signing for David Beckham’s Inter Miami in the summer of 2020.

The former Real Madrid man currently plays alongside his brother Federico, and seems to be enjoying his football once again.

“In Miami I feel wonderful. I have found serenity even outside of football and I feel great. I’m happy. In Europe I couldn’t find serenity off the pitch and beyond football. Buffon told me that when I no longer feel the fire inside, it would be the right time to change. So I changed and I came to seek joy and fun in this wonderful city,” the striker told Christian Vieri’s Bobo TV via

Nonetheless, Higuain assures that MLS isn’t as easy as some would claim, and it is similar to Serie A in some ways.

“I thought I would be playing with cigarettes, however, it’s a hard because it’s a tough league. I learned that it’s similar to Italian football. In Spain and England it’s easier to do well, while in Italy if you don’t know the league you suffer. Here it is the same thing.

“Football has changed. When I played in Madrid I was a central striker while with Sarri I learned to help the team. When I arrived at Juventus I almost ended up as a central midfielder.”

The bomber enjoyed a special relationship with Maurizio Sarri, playing under his guidance at Napoli, Chelsea, as well as Juventus.

“The first year at Napoli I suffered, but when Sarri arrived it went better. Before Maurizio’s arrival I was undecided whether to continue or not, but after speaking to him for five minutes, convinced me to stay. Then I scored 36 goals with him.

“He was a great teacher, he was one of the best coaches I’ve had. In Serie A there are fewer spaces, but if you want you can find it. You must have the quality to do so and to score. I think he failed to convey his idea of ​​the game to the players at Juventus. Sarri always wanted to play two touches even if it was risky. Some players weren’t happy to play in this way.” revealed the Argentine.

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