Gonzalo Higuain revealed that he had no intention of going elsewhere this summer, and that once he returned to Turin, he only wanted to remain at Juventus.

Pipita was reportedly told to leave the club but insisted on staying with the Bianconeri to prove his worth to Maurizo Sarri.

“As soon as I returned to Turin, I had clear ideas. I wanted to stay at Juventus,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“Honestly, no-one told me anything when I returned. I came back to work here, to try to show my worth.

“They’re a great team, with a big fan base. They’re a great club, so I’m happy to be here.”

The 31-year-old was previously the Bianconeri’s No 9 but switched to 21 on his return.

“It was my choice. I decided to change and switch to 21, which is the day my daughter was born.

“It’s also a little way to take her with me in every game. It was a decision made from the heart and it’s bringing me luck. That’s the truth about why I chose 21.

“I hadn’t played with Cristiano for many years and when I stopped playing with him, he was younger.

“Now I’ve found a more complete player, who has grown in terms of ambition, trying to win everything and set new records.

“Honestly, I’m very happy to have found him again.”