Gonzalo Higuain insists he never felt any pressure to start scoring again and called his goal against Olympiacos “one of the most wonderful moments of my career.”

The striker has started the last two matches on the bench but played an important part in last nights victory over Olympiacos, scoring one and creating another.

“I didn’t feel freed of a weight on my shoulders. I always felt free. I’ve been playing in Europe for over 10 years and have always scored a lot of goals, so I was not remotely disturbed,” the Argentine told Mediaset Premium.

“The important thing is to keep working in silence, as that is what gets you back to the result. I am not disturbed by criticism or insults, it’s all about having faith in yourself.

“Anyone can talk now, but those who really matter are the ones who stay close to you even when things are going badly. The fans really fired me up before I came on and I thank them.

“The credit goes to those who stood by me, who helped me and my teammates who ran to hug me. This was one of the most wonderful moments of my career.

“I dedicate the goal to everyone who stayed close to me, my family and teammates. This is not revenge, I didn’t win any challenge. I was happy to score a goal, just as I always am.

“Football can change so quickly, from criticism to praise and back. I have been in football for many years, I don’t let it affect me. I think the most important thing is to have a clear head.

“I heard people say I was in crisis for not scoring two or three games, that’s good, because evidently they were accustomed to me scoring every game.”