Following the departure of Massimiliano Allegri in 2019, the club underwent two forgettable seasons under the tutelage of his predecessors.

Perhaps Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo weren’t the only ones to blame for the underwhelming performances on the pitch, but their methods arguably didn’t suit the roster.

Therefore, Max was called up for a second stint as the club attempts to reignite the fire that has been missing as of late. And whilst the final result from season opener wasn’t exactly encouraging, the tactician is still tipped to succeed in his mission.

According to Tuttosport via ilBianconero, Allegri’s Juventus can be summarized by three key points. First of all, the manager wants to exploit the quality at his disposal in the right manner, and that is considered to be fundamental for success.

Secondly, the players must be able to read and intercept the match. They should know when to go forward and when to go with a more cautious approach.

Thirdly, Juventus players must adopt the club’s mentality, and thus, silly mistakes – like the ones witnessed against Udinese – are simply inexcusable.

Besides these points, Allegri wants his players to be thinkers rather than robots who replicate the same patterns on the pitch over and over again, as they were arguably asked to do during Sarri’s era, and perhaps Pirlo’s reign to a lesser degree.

This is why the Livorno native rarely interferes during training sessions, leaving his staff to explain the tactical methods. Nonetheless, Max would add his own “wisdom pills” from time to time as the source explains.