How are Gambling Brands benefitting by partnering with Juventus?

July 25, 2020 - 10:17 am

Gambling companies sponsoring famous sports team is quite popular across the world. However, we don’t get to see such sponsorships in countries where the government bans gambling as promoting gambling industry is not permitted in such countries. But Finland is one country where gambling and other gambling-related activities are legalised and are regulated by state monopoly company to encourage Finns to gamble in both land-based casinos and online casinos, nettikasino in Finnish. The reason behind state monopoly companies regulating the gambling industry in Finland is the reinvestment of gambling funds in social development. Although the choice of online and land-based casinos is less for Finns, there are a variety of games offered by the gambling industry to entertain the players.

If you are a football fan and want to see some of your favourite players participating in a tournament or promoting an online casino, then several casinos can provide you with the opportunity. It is obvious to see gambling companies sponsoring popular football teams as everyone knows that football is the top sport in the world with the massive fanbase. Few casino brands and companies struck a partnership with Juventus, Italy’s soccer club.

The gambling company picked the soccer club for Cristiano Ronaldo, the football legend who plays currently for Juventus. Gambling industry is interested in partnering with Cristiano as he is a famous football player but is also a gambling enthusiast with great interest in poker. He has experience of playing poker games in both land-based and online casinos and has challenged some of the top gamblers in the industry. Unfortunately, the company and the team will not be able to advertise in Italy due to the ban on gambling-related ads and promotions. However, the partners will be advertising in the rest of the countries.

The Gambling brands are currently looking to develop promotional content, ads and marketing activities featuring the Cristiano Ronaldo and team to attract new gamblers and excite regular gaming enthusiasts. The companies are also planning to contests and prize giveaways to boost the involvement of the players.

The Juventus partnership with gambling industry aims at improving the viewership numbers of the team outside the native country. The soccer club is looking forward to developing the team’s international growth and has been in development from many years now. The partnership provided the perfect opportunity to increase the team’s visibility outside Italy. According to the chief revenue officer, the club is now focusing on the engagement and entertainment activities outside the native country.

The ban on gambling promotions in Italy is preventing gambling brands and companies from promoting their gambling services. But, is the online gambling industry feeling the heat of ban?  While the prohibition of gambling promotions is appreciated by the people against gambling, as it prevents vulnerable people from getting affected by promotions and advertisements of gambling either through television or commercials of sponsorship deals. Online casinos do get affected by the ban as the companies will not able to reach and direct the players who are interested in playing at their websites. The Internet casinos will not be able to reach fanbase of Cristiano and other players of the team in Italy to drive them to their websites anymore.

Gambling is part of many people around the world, and with such ban on promotional activities and sponsorship deals on the gambling brands and companies will not make a big difference. Players will still try means and ways to visit the online casinos they wish to play and ban on gambling promotions should not be a hindrance for players. The news of Cristiano and team partnering with gambling brand should be more than enough to lead his fans in Italy to follow him and play in casinos he is participating and playing casino games. Ronaldo is a passionate poker player, and his supporters and gambling enthusiasts are excited to see him compete in live poker tournaments. There is a strong need for online casinos to maintain their presence, and nothing can work better than a partnership with Juventus.

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