Juventus surprised many fans by allowing Paulo Dybala to leave the club as a free agent during the summer transfer window. The decision was reportedly driven by the club’s dissatisfaction with Dybala’s injury record, leading them to part ways with one of their standout players from recent seasons.

Dybala’s departure was an emotional moment, as he played his final game for Juventus. Meanwhile, the club worked on securing the services of Angel di Maria from Paris Saint-Germain, believing that the Argentine winger would outperform Dybala at the Allianz Stadium. Now, a year later, we can assess how accurate that prediction has been.

In Dybala’s final season at Juventus, he scored 15 goals and provided six assists across 39 matches in all competitions, according to Football Italia. On the other hand, Di Maria has scored eight goals and provided seven assists in his first 39 matches for Juventus.

Moreover, an interesting observation is that Dybala has achieved better statistical figures at AS Roma this season compared to Di Maria’s performance at Juventus.

These statistics highlight the different contributions and impacts of both players in their respective clubs, suggesting that Dybala’s departure and Di Maria’s arrival may not have had the desired impact on Juventus as initially anticipated.

Juve FC Says

Juventus’ decision to replace Dybala with Di Maria has not gone to plan, if we are being honest, but now is not the time to think about what could have been done differently.

The club must focus on adding top players to its list and ensure it gets back for next season in better shape.