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How Juventus and Super League clubs wanted to buy social media popularity

November 12, 2021 - 1:45 pm

Juventus and other clubs who invented the European Super League were so desperate to see the idea succeed, they paid for bots to promote it on Twitter.

Six Premier League clubs and three each from Spain and Italy announced the breakaway competition earlier this year.

The idea fell apart within 48 hours of the announcement when the fans of Premier League clubs revolted against it.

Twitter was one place fans registered their displeasure at the development, but the protagonists of the idea also knew they could make it popular on the same social media.

El Confidencial has released the findings of the Pandemia Digital investigation, according to Football Italia.

The report says they investigated social media activities in the hours before and after the announcement.

While several fans on social media were against the idea, the investigators found out that there were several bot accounts that promoted the idea.

Most of them had been registered just before the announcement and had no or few followers.

They also posted very similar messages to support the idea.

Juve FC says 

The inventors of the Super League knew they were up against a huge establishment and fans that don’t exactly enjoy change.

Their proposal smells of greed after they wanted the founders to be protected from relegation.

That will always show that the founders only cared about themselves.

No matter how much change they bring to the idea now and in the future, they will hardly be backed by fans and some clubs cannot even attempt to join something like that again.

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  • Avatar
    JuveFella November 13, 2021 at 12:17 am

    A disgrace to football
    Why are we still hanging around Emperoe Perez as a mindless minion?
    With his (bought) pocket judge & social media manipulation.
    Super League us an elitist project nobody wants.
    Ler’s be smart & dump it before it’s to late.