Juventus made a profit of €52.332m from this transfer window, including transfer fees received and wages saved, even though they sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United at a loss of €14m.

The Bianconeri had been hoping to make at least €29m from his sale, as that figure would have made them avoid a loss on the €117m they paid to sign him in 2018.

Calcio e Finanza via Football Italia calculated how the Bianconeri did in this transfer window and reports that they would have profited €24.5m from just the sale of players.

However, if the wages being saved are computed, they made a profit of €52.332m.

It says that although Juve suffered a loss in Ronaldo’s eventual transfer fee, they saved €57.350m gross in the wages they would have paid him for the final year of his contract if he had remained at the club.

Atalanta triggered their option to sign Cristian Romero for €16m, but that fee meant that Juve suffered a loss of €1.264m.

Now that Ronaldo is gone and the transfer market has closed, the Bianconeri will look to focus on extending the contracts of the likes of Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado.