Juventus’ financial problems are well-publicised as the Bianconeri seek to ensure they return among the top clubs in Serie A.

Juve has struggled financially recently and has been unable to splash the cash on players since the start of this term.

Cristiano Giuntoli inherited a significant mess when he was appointed as the club’s latest sporting director and has been tasked with making the team financially self-reliant again.

Missing out on every European competition this term because of a ban has hit the Bianconeri hard financially and threatens to exacerbate their situation further.

However, things are looking up on the financial side after they recently qualified for the Club World Cup in 2025.

Calciomercato reveals that qualification alone will fetch them 50 million euros, which is a significant addition to their coffers.

The report further adds that qualification for the new Champions League will also fetch the Bianconeri an additional 20 million euros before other match payments are calculated based on which stage of the competition they reach.

Juve FC Says

The healthiest clubs are teams who make enough money to take care of themselves and do not need any intervention.

We have made bad financial decisions in the past, but we have a good chance to correct them and must take it.