Juventus has reportedly secured a €20 million agreement to add Michele Di Gregorio to their squad.

The goalkeeper has been one of the best in Serie A, delivering impressive performances while at Monza.

Juve is eager to ensure he joins them, and the Bianconeri are now looking for money to finance the deal and complete it.

A report on Tuttojuve reveals that the money will come from Lazio, which owes them €21 million for two players.

Luca Pellegrini and Nicolo Rovella moved to Lazio on loan with an obligation to buy for a combined €21 million.

That fee is sufficient for Juventus to cover the cost of Di Gregorio, and the report suggests that they will use it for that purpose.

Juve FC Says

We have to raise funds from the departures of some players to sign new stars. Pellegrini and Rovella left last season, but other members of our current team will probably also have to leave.

We trust the decision-makers to pick those the new manager would not need, offload them for fees, or send them out on loan.

However, the gaffer might also give some of our current players a second chance when he resumes duty.