Even though the founders of the European Super League are far from pleased with their Champions League earnings, the competition’s prize money remains vital for their balance sheets.

On Tuesday, Juventus booked their place in the round of 16 on the back of their fourth straight win in the Group Stage.

La Gazzetta Dello Sport reveals the sums that the Bianconeri have already received from Europe’s elite club competition this season, and also the figures that can still be earned.

The pink newspaper explains that Juventus had already started with over 51 million euros as base earnings from their qualification to the competition.

The team received 2.8 millions for each win, which means that Juve have already amassed 11.2 millions, while their qualification to the round of 16 earned them on its own 9.6 millions.

With two more matches to be played in the group stage, Juventus can still gain 5.6M if they beat Malmo and Chelsea again.

However, there are bigger prizes awaiting those who qualify to the latter stages of the competition.

Qualification to the quarter finals is worth 10.6 millions, while those who reach the semis will earn an additional 12.5. Reaching the final means an extra 15.5, while the winner gains another 4.5 millions.

Juve FC say

Finishing fourth in Serie A has never been considered to be an achievement at Juventus. However, these figures explain just how important it was for the team to secure Champions League qualification last season – especially amidst the current financial crisis.

Hopefully Max Allegri will still be able to lead his men towards a Top 4 finish by the end of the current campaign.