Juventus had a relatively quiet summer transfer window, with a primary focus on offloading players rather than making significant new signings. The club’s priority was to save money, a goal set by their new sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli.

While Juventus managed to trim their squad and reduce wage costs, fans were left wondering why the club didn’t make more acquisitions during the transfer window.

The reason for this limited spending has now been revealed: Juventus reportedly incurred a significant loss in the previous campaign. According to a report from Football Italia, Juventus recorded a loss of €115 million, based on financial statements from Exor, the parent company of Juventus. These figures illustrate the extent of the financial challenges the club faced during that financial year.

To address this financial setback, Juventus will likely aim to secure a return to the UEFA Champions League, which can bring in significant revenue. Additionally, they may seek sponsorship deals and other income-generating opportunities to help mitigate their losses and stabilise their financial situation moving forward.

Juve FC Says

The business side of football is tricky and Juve could have made better financial decisions when the last board were in charge.

We expect things to change under the new board, but these changes will take time.

If that happens, we will be more responsible in the transfer market and make better signings.