How much time does Max Allegri have left at Juventus?

September 29, 2022 - 2:47 pm

It has not been the best start to a season for Juventus, in fact, it has been nothing short of disastrous and the man that will eventually pay the price for that is the manager, Max Allegri.

The biggest question is when will the Juventus board pull the trigger and terminate Allegri’s employment?

Different media outlets seem to disagree on how many games Allegri has left to save his job, some say five games, some say by the time of the World Cup and so on, which seems to be nothing more than guesswork.

The truth is that everything depends purely on results and nothing more, continue to drop points at a fast rate and Allegri will be gone, start picking up points and move up the table and Allegri will have bought himself some time.

Watching Juventus has not exactly been exciting, unlike live casino games, however, you can get away with turgid football if you are winning, Allegri is not and that is a very bad combination to have.

If Juve was to lose or draw on Sunday against Bologna then the pressure on the manager would be immense, nothing short of a win will do and it is very possible that Allegri could be out of a job come Monday if Juve was to fail to pick up all three points.

Of course, things could all of a sudden get a lot better for Allegri and he is fairly fortunate with the upcoming fixtures.

Juventus face Bologna on Sunday and then Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League, two games that are very winnable, next up is AC Milan at the San Siro, to some extent Allegri could get away with not winning that one but only just.

Then Juve will face Maccabi Haifa again and Torino and that could be the game that determines the manager’s future more than any other.

Juventus really should beat Bologna and Maccabi Haifa and they are more than capable of beating both Torino and AC Milan, the fixtures could have been a lot worse and Allegri is probably grateful for that, however, a loss at home to Bologna, a defeat against title rivals AC Milan, defeat in the Turin derby and failure to get maximum points from the Maccabi Haifa double header and Allegri would be in serious trouble from any of those reversals.

So, in conclusion, no one knows how many games Allegri has left, it is solely down to results and while the upcoming games are can be navigated they are also the exact type of games that could get a manager the sack.

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