Manchester United’s move for Adrien Rabiot has broken down and more details have emerged on why that happened.

The Red Devils desperately need to make new signings and improve their form, and their midfield has become a problem spot.

They wanted to add Rabiot to their squad to improve that area, and Juve was happy to offload the midfielder.

They agreed on a transfer fee with the English club and permitted them to hold talks with the Frenchman.

However, Rabiot’s demands caused the talks to collapse and now more details have emerged about what they were.

A report on Calciomercato claims he asked the Premier League side to pay him a €10m per season salary, but that was just a small part of his demands.

He also wanted guaranteed add-ons for the duration of his stay in Manchester and his agent wanted €8-10m in commission and signing-on fee.

United considered these demands outrageous and pulled out of the talks.

Juve FC Says

Considering how much he earns at Juve now and the performance he delivers for the club, these demands are beyond ridiculous.

Rabiot is an average player who struggles to make an impact at Juve. Very few clubs will offer him a better salary than he makes at the Allianz Stadium now.