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How the scandalous VAR call shattered Allegri-Banti myth

September 14, 2022 - 5:30 pm

Last Sunday, an uproar erupted at the Allianz Stadium as Juventus were denied a last-gasp winner against Salernitana due to a scandalous VAR intervention.

Arek Milik nodded home the winner, but the men in the VAR decided that Leonardo Bonucci had affected the play, so they called the referee to review the scene which ultimately ended in a disaster for sporting justice. In fact,

Antonio Candreva, who escaped the cameras was playing the defender onside as revealed by later footage.

According to la Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero, VAR official Luca Banti is thought to be Max Allegri’s friend.

The two men come from the suburbs of Livorno, and some claim that the two share a friendship off the pitch.

Therefore, every time Banti whistled in favor of Allegri’s Juve, a section of observers were quick to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon.

Yet, it was Banti himself who was sitting in the VAR room when the whole debacle ensued last weekend, even though his services were uncalled for in that particular instant.

Furthermore, Candreva’s goal was allowed even though he apparently handed the ball towards goal.

Juve FC say

Unfortunately, a large section of Italian media enjoys creating controversy when it comes to Juventus, and not for innocent means.

But as proven by last Sunday’s action, Banti’s support for Allegri and Juventus is nothing but a myth created by delusional individuals.

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