How To Watch Champions League Matches From Anywhere

December 28, 2018

The UEFA Champions League is the most exciting sports event of every year. It gives us the chance to watch Juve play the best teams in the world. Serie A has its charms, and we love watching our team win almost every league match, but seeing us up against Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG, and more, is what we live for.

Which is why missing it is not an option no matter where in the world we are. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to catch Juve’s matches when outside Europe. The further east you go, the more ridiculous hours the matches are played. And if you’re going west, matches can happen in the midst of a busy afternoon.

And then there’s the lack of coverage. In some countries, channels that show Champions League are few and far between. Even those channels might show shaky coverage, with terrible analysis from some of the dinosaurs of the game.

So how do you make sure you follow Juve in the Champions League from anywhere? Here are some tips to keep you on top.


Use A VPN To Get Better Coverage

Coverage may be limited or just plain poor. Check on the options you’ll have beforehand. If you’re traveling to Asia, BeIN will likely be your best bet. And BeIN is not the most reliable of broadcasters. In some countries, the reception you get is at 1990s levels. And the analysis generally comes from the people Europe is trying to forget.

If you want to watch coverage from countries in Europe, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN routes your connection through an external server to protect your identity. This makes it seem like you’re in another location entirely. If you find a server in Italy, you can get Italian coverage without worrying about geo-blocking.


Research The Time Difference

If there’s going to be a time difference, it’s best to do your research in advance. These days, apps (and Google) will adapt your time depending on where it detects your location (according to your device’s GPS, and not your connection location). But it is still prudent to make plans before you go abroad. This is because you might have to change your schedule to fit in the biggest matches.

Remember, if you’re going to Asia, games are going to be early the next morning. If you’re lucky, they’re early enough to stay up for or late enough to wake up for. More likely, they’re right in the middle of your sleep.

Sometimes, skipping the match and watching it the next day is the best option. I know that sounds awful. I personally can never do this. Knowing the game is already over is a dealbreaker for me. It makes me all too aware of how helpless I am to change the result!

In the end, you may have to make some compromises. This is the reality of traveling as a football fan. It is better left till the off-season. But there are ways to stay on top and watch Juve in the Champions League.

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