Fans are eagerly awaiting Juventus’ response to Paul Pogba’s four-year ban, as the midfielder is now definitively out of their plans.

Throughout Pogba’s suspension and the wait for a ban, Juventus provided the midfielder with all the support possible. The hope was that Pogba’s ban would not be severe, given his perceived character, which does not suggest dishonesty.

However, the midfielder did test positive for a banned substance and failed to convince authorities for a lenient punishment. As a result, he is now set to serve a lengthy ban, serving as a stern example to others.

Pogba remains determined to appeal the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), seeking to overturn the ban.

While Juventus has been following the developments closely, reports from Calciomercato suggest that the club is not expected to make any immediate comments. As long as there is an option for appeal, Juventus is likely to withhold a decision on Pogba’s future and refrain from commenting. The Bianconeri will await the outcome of the final appeal before making any decisions and communicating them to their fans.

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s ban is harsh, but we do not have to make any decisions or comments at this stage, and there will be time for us to come in and make a decision later.