How Will the Champions League Finish in August Affect Juventus?

July 3, 2020 - 11:50 am

We are seeing a completely different end to the football season than anyone imagined when things kicked off last summer.

Domestic leagues are ending in July, two months after schedule and the biggest European club competition of them all, the Champions League, will resume and end in August. This will all take place before the new domestic seasons and the new Champions League begin for 2020/21.

Juventus are on course to land another Serie A title this season, something that would set them up perfectly for the Champions League resumption.

The Affect Domestic Leagues Will Have on the Champions League

This is going to be fascinating to watch, and something that will be a positive for Juventus. Compare them with Bayern Munich for example, who finished their season at the end of June, won the league with a couple of games to spare and won’t have played a competitive game for over a month when they head to Lisbon to play in the Champions League.

Juventus on the other hand will have been playing competitive games and hopefully winning a league title right up until the end of July, before heading straight to Portugal where they have a last-16 game against Lyon before hopefully playing in the quarter finals and beyond.

The current betting favourites for the Champions League are Manchester City, who have a similar run in to Juventus, they are going to be playing until the end of July in the Premier League and will be hoping to have an FA Cup final to play at the beginning of August to keep them sharp.

What the Champions League will give is even more football to look forward to. The resumption has been popular all over Europe and Newbettingsites.uk compares betting sites and the odds on offer for those who are looking to place a wager on the games they are watching.

Can Juventus Win the Champions League?

In terms of quality in the team, Juventus are probably lacking one or two players to really compete with some of the biggest in Europe. However, what this team does have is the right kind of run in as we have just discussed and also a lot of experience in the team.

Led by Cristiano Ronaldo, this team is heading into a tournament, and we have seen many of the players react well to tournament football in competitions like the World Cup and European Championships.

Fans of the club will be hoping this rubs off and they can find that type of form in Portugal, where they will only need to play well for two or three weeks to claim the Champions League title, rather than for a period of months like they would normally have to.

There is a very different feel about things, and all teams are going to face that. However, there has to be optimism that Juventus go into the Champions League restart on the back of a good schedule, and on their day they have the ability to beat anyone.

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