Dean Huijsen was a highly coveted talent before joining Juventus and had the opportunity to play for other prestigious clubs, including Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The Dutchman recently made his debut for Juventus after an impressive stint in their youth teams, and there are undoubtedly more first-team opportunities on the horizon.

Juventus has nurtured him into one of the most promising young talents in Europe, and his debut for the club underscores his potential as a top player in the making.

However, Huijsen’s agent has revealed that if Juventus hadn’t acquired him, he might have found himself at Barcelona or Bayern Munich. This insight highlights his desirability and the competition among top clubs for his services.

Alex Santisteban said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“Even Jordi Cruijff, when he was still a Blaugrana manager, had moved personally to get to Dean. However, we preferred Juventus to Barcelona or Bayern Munich for two reasons. The first concerns the clarity of the Juventus club: impressive, they had surgical accuracy in understanding the type of career the player could have. 

“They had everything in mind for Dean, step by step. Juventus had a project for Huijsen and we immediately fell in love. And then the boy he wanted to compete with the Italian championship, ideal for developing a defender technically and tactically: Serie A is like a master’s degree for defenders.”

Juve FC Says

Huijsen is a superb talent and it is easy to see why he was sought-after and continues to be on the radar of other clubs.

However, we are one of the top clubs in Europe and expect to keep him in our group for the long term no matter what happens.