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“I am serene and I still have fun” Agnelli reacts to reports of his possible departure

April 29, 2022 - 10:00 am

Andrea Agnelli’s time as Juventus’ president has been a mix of good and bad occurrences, and it is normal that some reports have tipped him to be replaced.

After the fallout of the European Super League and Juventus’ poor start to this campaign, it seemed his job was on the line.

Some rumours keep suggesting that he would be replaced as the president of Juve.

However, the administrator has been in the job long enough to expect rumours like this, and he says in a recent interview that it does not surprise him.

He is also not bothered because he enjoys the work he does, which is the most important thing.

“I’ve heard these rumours for a long time. They’ve been around for years, not weeks and they don’t bother me. I am serene and I still have fun, which is the most important thing,” he told Il Foglio a San Siro, as quoted by Football Italia.

Juve FC Says

Agnelli has made some poor decisions as the leader of Juventus, but he has also been a key reason behind the Bianconeri remaining a top European club.

His recent hire-and-fire approach to the club’s management has not been a good thing, but he has backed Max Allegri to bring the glory days back to the club, and things will get better soon.

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    martinn April 29, 2022 at 12:34 pm

    Your favourite allegri sends up to sleep, piggy backing on Lippi and Conte`s DNA, and your superleague dream will get us kicked out of the champion`s league. not very good is it? hire and fire til you find the right man, only the club can get embarrassed, as right now a lot of the fans are. even as an ex allegri suporter it`s time for a real change of a real, proven world class manager who will use youth and transform what we have. not many attacking players want to give up their day job and play for caveman allegri