Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has responded to the four-year ban just imposed on him for a doping-related offence.

The midfielder has been under suspension since August following a positive test for a banned substance.

His ban dealt a significant blow to Juve, as they had been counting on a healthier Pogba to contribute in various competitions this season.

However, the Frenchman was suspended at the start of the term, and after an extensive investigation, he was given a four-year ban this afternoon, marking a substantial setback for the midfielder.

Nevertheless, Pogba contends that the punishment is excessively severe and pledges to fight to clear his name.

The Frenchman wrote on Instagram:

“I have today been informed of the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping’s decision and believe that the verdict is incorrect.

“I am sad, shocked and heartbroken that everything I have built in my professional playing career has been taken away from me.

“When I am free of legal restrictions the full story will become clear, but I have never knowingly or deliberately taken any supplements that violate anti-doping regulations.”

Adding: “As a consequence of the decision announced today I will appeal this before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Juve FC Says

Pogba is still one of our own and has our support still, as he vows to appeal the decision.

We hope he wins and if he gets a significantly reduced sentence, he might have a chance to play for us again.

For now, we have to move on and try to find success with the players at our disposal.