CONI President Giovanni Malagò has warned that we haven’t seen the last of the European Super League and says he cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again.

The proposed new competition which is supposed to replace the Champions League for the participating teams has been suspended.

The 6 English teams who make up half of the founding members have all pulled out and it seemed the project won’t work.

However, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona haven’t pulled out yet and they remain confident that they will achieve their aim.

Malago says he isn’t confident that the proposal is dead and buried and says it could be resurrected in a few years and all the sporting institutions have to come together and ensure such a breakaway bid never happens again.

“I cannot guarantee that the Super League won’t happen in future,” Italian Olympic Committee President Malagò told RAI 2 programme Restart via Football Italia.

“It’d probably be in a few years, I doubt before, but it could all happen again. It’s necessary all the sporting institutions work together to reach some agreement.”

Andrea Agnelli seems to have staked too much on the success of the competition and he simply cannot allow it to die that way.