Alessandro Del Piero has been tipped to return to Juventus in a leadership capacity and the ex-striker maintains he does not have an answer to the proposal yet.

The former Azzurri star is one of the crowd favourites at the Allianz Stadium and fans still chant about him when he visits the stadium.

In the last leadership group, Pavel Nedved was given a role as an ex-player and a minority investor.

The latest leaders only came into office in January and inherited a legal mess at the club.

They have been working on solving some of these problems, which needs experience that Del Piero probably does not have.

After now, they could look to add a former player to their group and most fans want Del Piero in that role.

The striker was asked about it and admits he loves the club but hasn’t been approached regarding an official role yet.

He says via Calciomercato:

“There are many rumours, of course. I don’t mean ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I’m not ready to give an answer because it’s a huge thing, but obviously my heart is there. As I said before, I spent nineteen years in the club, we talk about most of my life until recently”

Juve FC Says

Del Piero is one man we all love and it would be very romantic if he returned to the club in some capacity.

The ex-striker is one of the best players we have had and would understand the current group even more than the other club officials.