Moise Kean insists he doesn’t feel pressured as a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo and he is only bothered about playing.

The Italy international was brought back to the club on an initial loan deal from Everton in the last transfer window.

His move happened after the Bianconeri had sold Ronaldo to Manchester United.

Kean struggled to make an impact at Everton, who had hoped he would deliver fine performances as Romelu Lukaku had done when the Belgian played for them.

However, the striker was in fine form when he played for PSG on loan last season and could return to goal-scoring form at Juve if he finds the Italian league more suitable to his style of play.

Considering that he joined the club when Ronaldo had left, some fans seem to think that he is a replacement for the attacker, but he insists he doesn’t feel that extra pressure of replacing the Serie A Golden Boot holder and he simply wants to play.

“I don’t feel any pressure in replacing Ronaldo,” he said at a press conference as quoted by Football Italia.

“I just want to lend a hand to the team where I grew up and where I lived good times.

“I just want to play, I have no pressure, I just feel the responsibility of wearing the Juventus shirt.”