Leonardo Bonucci has clarified that his legal action against Juventus is not motivated by financial gain. Instead, he has pledged to donate any proceeds from the case to charity if he emerges victorious.

After spending a decade at Juventus, Bonucci’s departure from the club at the end of last season was marked by being asked to leave the training ground and train alone until he found a new club. Eventually, he secured a move to Union Berlin.

Now, Bonucci is pursuing legal action against Juventus, alleging that the club denied him the opportunity to use their facilities and subjected him to humiliation. His legal action is seeking compensation for the distress he experienced during this period.

By indicating that he would donate any potential compensation to charity, Bonucci emphasises that his case is not driven by financial motives but rather by a desire for fairness and justice. This perspective may help clarify his intentions to those who believed the legal action was primarily about money.

But the defender insists it is now. He explains, as quoted by Football Italia:

“My rights stipulated that I should have trained with the team regardless of the technical choice and been put in a position to physically and athletically face the following season. 

“This was not granted to me, I no longer trained with the team. I felt drained of everything, humiliated, I couldn’t do what I love most.

“It’s not a question of money, if I win the case, I will donate everything to charity. And what’s more, I want my situation to be for the AIC, of which I am a councillor, a crucial role because every year people, players, men, professionals who have less strength than mine find themselves in these situations and in the end are compromised in order to continue playing.”

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is ruining his small legacy at the club, and his actions show he clearly did not have Juve’s interest at heart when he played for the club.

If he did, he would have been more understanding of the situation.