Former Italian footballer, Ciccio Graziani, has urged Napoli to sign Paulo Dybala in the summer. The Argentinian is heading for the Juventus exit door and it means he can start speaking to other clubs.

La Joya has made a name for himself in Italian football, having previously played for Palermo. He could leave the competition, but it is probably much better for him to stay in Italy.

He has interest from Inter Milan, but Graziani wants to see him wear the Napoli shirt.

The Partenopei are battling for the Serie A title in this campaign and could get the chance to compete for it again by next season if Dybala joins them.

Graziani urges them to invest money in him via Football Italia:

“If I were Napoli, I would make an economic sacrifice for his salary and sign him. Imagine the kind of enthusiasm the arrival of Dybala would generate.

“I think it would also be a feasible deal on a financial level for Napoli.”

Juve FC Says

Out of loyalty and respect for Juventus, it would not be surprising if Dybala decided to leave Italy.

However, he might struggle in another competition, which could make him choose to remain in Serie A.

The attacker will do a good job for any club he joins, but we have enjoyed him enough and have done the right thing to let him go now.