Even in triumph, Italian football would always find a way to create some controversy. After emerging as the victorious side from Euro 2020 on Sunday, the Azzurri stars wished to parade with the trophy on the streets of Rome.

The players eventually got their wish, with Leonardo Bonucci revealed as one of the main pillars behind the request.

Nonetheless, not everyone was happy with the open bus parading, with some officials feeling that it was a dangerous thing to do, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, the prefect of Rome even claimed that the Juventus defender had threatened the authorities in order to get his wish.

Outspoken as ever, the former Milan man came out to explain the situation, starting the conversation with a joke.

“I got the wrong job. If I had to choose another occupation, other than playing football, I would make an excellent defense minister,” said the 34-year-old in an interview with Il Foglio via ilBianconero.

“The entire delegation asked for the uncovered bus and since the covered bus would have been blocked anyway and would still have been limited in the passage to follow by the crowd that was already in the street.

“The authorities agreed to use the uncovered one, saying that they would be able to handle the situation,” added the center back who played a vital part in his nation’s triumphant campaign.

“We would never, ever allow ourselves to replace the competent authorities. Each one has his own task and his own role to play, it is really simple, but it’s also very “Italian” to put the blame on others.”