Antonio Cassano has taken a swipe at Juventus manager Max Allegri in response to reports suggesting that Juventus supporters are disappointed with Allegri’s contentment with a draw against Atalanta.

Juventus is regarded as one of Italy’s premier clubs, and their fans typically have high expectations of victory, regardless of the opponent. With a roster boasting some of the country’s top talents, Juventus is capable of defeating any adversary.

However, Allegri has faced criticism for what some perceive as a conservative approach that limits the creativity and attacking potential of his players. The goalless draw against Atalanta was seen as a lacklustre performance by the team.

After the match, Allegri expressed his satisfaction with his players’ performance, a statement that irked the Juventus fanbase. Antonio Cassano has voiced his support for the disappointed fans, aligning himself with their perspective on the matter.

The ex-attacker said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“It’s normal for the fans to be poisoned if they hear people say ‘We’re happy with the point and we’re still third’. 

“Between the two teams, there is a sensational abyss in terms of experience, coat of arms, wages and more. At a certain point, Allegri started with the 5-5-0. Juve cannot rely on one coach, which makes the team play without ideas and in an obscene manner. If the fans are poisoned, I understand.”

Juve FC Says

Cassano is always waiting for a chance to slander Allegri and some fans will not take his opinion very seriously.

The boys know they must improve and we trust them to do that in the coming weeks.