As if the last the few days weren’t overly-dramatized enough, then how about a mural portraying a crime scene?!

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has been one of the main architects behind the shortly-lived European Super League.

Therefore, the Bianconeri patron has naturally been on the receiving end of a public outrage.

We heard several fan groups in the last few days describing the ESL project as the death of football, but an artist on the street of Rome decided to take things further by producing what could be described as a masterpiece (but that is based on your artistic point of view of course).

In the mural posted below, a cold-blooded Agnelli can be seen driving an actual knife into a hapless, innocent football (Murderer!)

Whilst the Super League idea fell apart after the withdraw of several of its founding members – most importantly the Premier League clubs – the Juventus president will be facing the backlash for quite some time.