Niccolo, the son of manager Andrea Pirlo has posted on Instagram to reveal the disgusting messages which he has received.

Despite being only 17 years-old, the young midfielder has already received threats and messages where people wish both he and his father would die, whilst he is only just beginning to try and carve out his own career in football.

The above loosely translates to: ‘I’m not a person who judges, I don’t like doing it, everyone has the right to be able to say what they want, I’m the first to do it and I would never want anyone to take away my freedom of speech.

They taught me to have ideas and above all to listen to those of others, but I believe that there is a limit to everything and this limit has already been exceeded for some time.’

‘I’m 17 and every day I receive messages of this kind not because I do something in particular, but only because I am the son of a coach who probably, they do not like. This would be my ‘fault’ and the reason why every day I receive messages of wishful death and various insults. I would like to ask you to put yourselves in for just a second in my shoes and ask yourself how you would feel.’

One message he claims to have received simply said: ‘You must die with your father.’

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but this behaviour is simply not acceptable, be it directly to the manager, or worse to a minor.