Italian sports journalist and self-professed European football expert Carlo Garganese has urged Juventus and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to part ways this summer.

The Old Lady suffered more dropped points last night as Verona came back to draw 1-1, and Garganese has used the opportunity to urge Ronaldo and Juve to go their separate ways for the greater good.

He insists that the Bianconeri need to shed Ronaldo’s hefty wages from their budget, whilst also claiming that the player himself deserved a better team to play for, one that will challenge for the Champions League.

Clearly Garganese isn’t a Juventus fan, and hasn’t been watching our exploits in Europe as we clearly are good enough to beat anyone on our day.

The real issues are for all to see in that we have had to juggle excessive injuries and Coronavirus positives throughout the campaign, and our squad is now feeling the pinch from that.