In the modern era, Ciro Immobile has been the most successful player in terms of collecting Capocannoniere awards. The 32-year-old is the current holder of the prestigious prize, and has thus far won it on four different occasions.

Despite being a youth product of Juventus, the bomber became the top scorer for the first time when representing Torino in 2014. He then regained the title in 2018 as a Lazio player while finishing on level with Mauro Icardi. In 2020, he equaled Gonzalo Higuain’s record by scoring 36 goals in one Serie A campaign.

Immobile is now eying his 5th award which allows him to equal Gunnar Nordhal’s record, but he knows that his task won’t be easy in the presence of a host of top competitors.

The Euro 2020 winner has revealed his predictions regarding the goal tallies of the league’s most dangerous strikers in Serie A, including Dusan Vlahovic.

“There are many great strikers this season. I think Lukaku has a lot of anger inside. I think he will score 20 to 25 goals,” said Immobile in an interview with DAZN via

“Lautaro? In my opinion, he scores 13 to 18. Vlahovic more than 20 for sure, he has them in the ropes .

“Between Giroud, Origi and Rebic they will collect about 35 goals. Jovic? No more than 15.

“Osimhen is a striker that I really like. If you want a precise number, he’ll score 19 goals. As for Abraham, If this he scores the same amount as last year, we can already speak of a top striker who has proved himself in two consecutive seasons.

“Immobile? For now, I only have one goal!”