Juventus star Danilo has delivered his opinion on racism as it continues to plague Italian and European football.

Authorities have done a great job of stamping out racism from the world of football and they continue to punish those who continue the act in games.

It is a very emotional topic for those who have suffered abuse and a tricky one for European governments to handle.

However, most players have an opinion on it and it will no doubt be agreed that it does not have a place in the game.

Speaking on the topic recently, Danilo said via Tuttojuve:

“First of all thank you, I’m glad to be here with you. I immediately accepted your invitation because in my opinion it is an important topic to deal with. I think there is a difference between hearing and listening: white people must listen to you and have the empathy to say ‘they have suffered and we must listen to them and embrace them”.

Juve FC Says

Danilo is a leader on and off the field and here again, he has proven to be one man who is very attentive and responsive to issues on and off the pitch.

Even if he has not suffered abuse, he knows someone who has and knows the effect this could have on them.