Alessandro Barbano has praised Serie A for independently deciding to reduce the number of fans in the stadiums in response to the rising covid cases.

The disease has ravaged Italy before now and the easily-spread omicron variant is making life hard for decision-makers in the country.

As it tries to curb the spread of the virus, Serie A has decided to help.

From the 16th of January, stadiums used for the competition will only admit 5,000 fans.

It is a blow to some clubs who depend on matchday revenues, but the Italian journalist, Barbano, understands and says they have made a good decision.

He says via Tuttomercatoweb: “Insufficient because it starts on January 16, and this week the second return leg, the Supercoppa and the Coppa Italia are still being played at 50 percent. Onerous because it is loaded on the shoulders of the fans with the super green pass, which they pay for the negligence of the unvaccinated.”

He continues: “In any case, it is consoling that football itself decided for the reduction. The five thousand seats are not in fact an imposition by Draghi, but an act of responsible self-government.

“This shows that the Serie A League is no longer a rebellious and anarchist enclave, but an integrated part of the national community.”

Juve FC Says

While it would cause financial pains to the clubs in the competition, this is better than a total shutdown.

It is also a step Serie A is taking to avoid a situation where the league is suspended totally.

It remains unclear when we would stop talking about covid killing fellow humans, but we hope this reduction would not last for a long time before the stadiums are back to much bigger capacities.