Juventus made €62.7m from TV rights this season, less than Inter Milan who won the league and made €65m.

Milan came third in the earnings after they made €57.8m.

This was reported by Calcio e Finanza via Football Italia in a report which also highlights the difference between the money in Italian football and that of the English Premier League.

The report says even though there is more money to be made, Inter Milan and Juventus will still make less than €100m.

Meanwhile, Sheffield United, who finished rock-bottom of the Premier League, will make €105.6m.

This also shows why Juventus has struggled financially this season and could affect their transfer plans.

The Bianconeri have been the Italian champions for nine consecutive seasons before this one when Inter pipped them to the title.

Ronaldo alone makes around 30m euros per season and now that the club has lost revenue from matchday ticket sales, they could be in serious financial trouble sooner than first thought.

Andrea Pirlo’s men need to win back Serie A next season and the former midfielder might need some new players, but the current financial climate could see him struggle to get his preferred targets unless he can offload some unwanted players.