Some Serie A clubs could be in trouble because they have conducted business with Juventus in the past as investigators continue to find evidence against the Bianconeri.

Juve is accused of falsifying their accounts and failing to record some of their transactions, which could have wide-ranging implications for them.

Some of these businesses were done with Italian clubs, who could now answer questions on their role in the various transactions.

A report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals the Bianconeri did some “suspicious” business with Atalanta and Genoa, which has put both clubs under the spotlight.

We expect them to clear their names and explain whatever irregularities are found in their transaction with Juventus.

Juve FC Says

If our crime is overvaluing or underreporting our financial dealings with other clubs, then we will likely take some clubs into trouble because businesses are conducted by two parties.

This could make other sides no longer want to do business with us in the future unless we offer the most money and do not ask for any business to be done outside our budgeted finances.

Hopefully, this will be an important lesson for us as a club and the new leaders will ensure they do the right thing at all times.