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Investigators find a suspicious transfer deal as they build case against Juventus

October 28, 2022 - 4:30 pm

Juventus is under investigation for capital gains and they have been accused of inflating the market value of some of their players while selling them.

Some of their transfers also have suspicious actions surrounding them and investigators are confident they have a good case against the Bianconeri.

Juve continues to deny any wrongdoing and Andrea Agnelli even spoke with the club’s staff, including the first team, yesterday to call for calm and togetherness.

However, a report on Tuttojuve reveals one of the dealings that has caught the eyes of investigators.

The report claims they found irregularities in the swap deal with Olympique Marseille, which saw Marley Ake move to Turin while Franco Tongya moved the other way.

Their concern was raised when it was revealed that Tongya’s deal was renewed the same day the 8m euros deal went through.

Juve is accused of renewing the contract to free up resources for the liquidity index.

Juve FC Says

The investigators can continue to do their job, but we are confident our lawyers will defend us when the time comes for us to respond in court.

As long as Agnelli has assured us that the club did the right thing in all its dealings, we expect them to have proof to back every transaction they have done.

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    Ros October 29, 2022 at 6:18 am

    So what? The player and the club agreed to a new deal and signed one. In a few hours, Marseille came knocking on the door with an offer all parties were happy with. Try proving that this is somehow against the rules. As to the index, they might get a slight fine for not following the timeline of a few days needed to report a balance (if such was not done). Very weak case