Investigators handling Juventus’ account falsification case have spoken to some of their current and former players and have revealed the details.

The Bianconeri announced that players had forfeited some of their salaries during the covid-19 beginning and recorded it in their accounts.

However, it turns out players did not give up as much money as they claimed they did, with the club eventually paying them outside the budget.

This is certainly against the standard practice and it is also an obvious case of the club lying to the public.

A report on Football Italia has now revealed some details about the conversation between Paulo Dybala and the investigators

The Argentine reportedly told them:

“I remember clearly that when we had signed the agreement [about the salary cut], we had already reached an agreement with the club. In one, we renounced [to salaries], in the other we received payments for three months. Basically, we were earning double in some months of the following season.

“Everyone thought we wouldn’t get paid for four months; nobody knew we would still have received money for three months.” 

Juve FC Says

Investigators had to speak to our players to get more details and build their case, believing that they may not have a united front.

That can be a tricky position to put anyone in and some might say that Juve did not expect to hear from them.

It remains unclear how these testimonies will affect the club in this investigation, but Dybala is no longer one of our players and owes us no loyalty.

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